Our goal at Cornerstone is to bring people into partnership with the work that God is doing. We believe that the model of church where a handful of church staff do all of the ministry is limited extremely, and unable to accomplish the work that God has commissioned us with. To loudly live out the calling of God we need more voices. Ministry at Cornerstone will never be one man and a microphone. Instead, we will thrive only when every person who calls our church home comes into the revelation that they have a part to play. 

Ownership is a powerful concept. When something belongs to you then you will treat it differently. You will value it in a new found way. Owners have a mentality that is different from someone who punches a time clock. They understand that there is a work to be done, and will stop at nothing to see hopes become realities. 

Two phrases that are similar, yet vastly different:

"Cornerstone. That's where I go to church."


"Cornerstone. That's my church."

Be an owner