The Bible is decidedly clear that there is only one way to spend eternity in Heaven with the Father. Jesus Christ came to Earth, was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life and died on a cross- but was resurrected. This sacrifice provided the only means by which men could be eternally restored into right- relationship with God. The first step to living an abundant life is to submit your whole self to the grace of Jesus Christ. He came and atoned for our sins- not so that we wouldn't have to, but because we couldn't. Jesus alone satisfied the justice of the Father, and in Jesus alone are we reconciled to the Father. 

Relationship with Jesus is easy. If you believe in your heart that He is the son of God and confess with your mouth that He is the perfect atonement for your sin, then you can have the promise that you are a child of God. 


Baptism is a symbol. When we submit to Jesus Christ and become 'born again' he does a work in us. He gives us a new heart. A new nature. New desires. This is because what was dead in us now becomes alive by the power of God. In the same way that Christ was raised to life by God's power, so are we when our salvation occurs. The waters of baptism symbolize this most beautifully. As we are lowered into the water we produce a picture of someone dead being buried. But we come come up out of the water we reflect the new life that we've found in Christ. 

There is no part of you that grace cannot touch. Just the same, as you are immersed in the water, there is no part of your body that doesn't get wet. What a fantastic display of God's super-sufficient grace. It reaches every nook and cranny, and cleanses every part of you. 

We encourage all believers to be baptised. It would serve as encouragement to other followers of Christ, as they witness Him do a work in you. Also, your day of baptism will be, to you, a milestone. It will forever stand as a reminder of the commitment of faith you have made towards God, and the love commitment God has made towards you. 

Even Jesus did it!


Our goal at Cornerstone is to bring people into partnership with the work that God is doing. We believe that the model of church where a handful of church staff do all of the ministry is limited extremely, and unable to accomplish the work that God has commissioned us with. To loudly live out the calling of God we need more voices. Ministry at Cornerstone will never be one man and a microphone. Instead, we will thrive only when every person who calls our church home comes into the revelation that they have a part to play. 

Ownership is a powerful concept. When something belongs to you then you will treat it differently. You will value it in a new found way. Owners have a mentality that is different from someone who punches a time clock. They understand that there is a work to be done, and will stop at nothing to see hopes become realities. 

Two phrases that are similar, yet vastly different:

"Cornerstone. That's where I go to church."


"Cornerstone. That's my church."

Be an owner


When God gives us new life, He expects us to truly live. Jesus Christ is the greatest example of a life that was lived for the benefit of others. At Cornerstone, we believe that if Christ has done a work in you then the overflow will produce a joy to live selflessly. We mark our faith by generosity, servitude and living with an outward focus. As God reveals His goodness to us we respond with action. 




A life isn't truly lived until it is lived for others. These principles flow out of us as we understand what God's grace has achieved for us